Tips to Remain Anonymous on the Internet

Tips to Remain Anonymous on the Internet
Published in : 01 Aug 2022

Tips to Remain Anonymous on the Internet

Online anonymity maintenance is a difficult task. The internet economy of today, which is primarily reliant on advertising and surveillance, aims to achieve the exact opposite goal.

There are advantages to anonymity. Being untraceable and unidentifiable grants you some liberties.

These are the actions you can do and the resources you'll need to remain concealed and anonymous online in light of that.

1. Encrypted Messaging App

Use an encrypted messaging app like Signal instead of texting a friend on your Android device. End-to-end encryption is used throughout all communications with Signal's open-source protocol.

There are no advertising or trackers, and the company cannot access your texts or calls.

2. Tor Browser

Google is infamous for gathering a lot of data. Use Tor, a secure browser that encrypts your IP address and web activity three times, as opposed to Chrome or another browser from a major tech corporation.

You need a VPN in addition to Tor because none of the other web apps you use are encrypted by Tor.

3. Secure Webcam

Webcams have been shown to be remotely activated and used to spy on users. Webcams are typically remotely operated by malware, thus a real-time virus scanner and regular system checks can help avoid this.

Check to see if your laptop has an LED light that illuminates while the webcam is operating. If you don't want to use tape on your webcam, keep the laptop closed while not in use.

4. Use of VPN

Virtual private networks, or VPNs, encrypt all web traffic from browsers and other web programmes, in contrast to Tor.

VPNs conceal your browsing history in addition to your IP address, preventing your internet service provider (ISP) from seeing any of your online activity.

5. Clear the Cookies

Cookies are small pieces of code that are automatically downloaded from a website and kept on your computer.

Cookies allow websites to quickly and easily remember if you've been there before; if you have, the website may then change some variables based on the information saved in the cookie in order to provide you with a more customised and potentially valuable experience.

You can erase cookies directly from your browser, but if you want to be sure, use a free and powerful programme like CCleaner.

6. Use Temp Mail

Do not desire daily newsletter emails from a corporation. Make use of a disposable temp mail address. Free temporary email addresses are generated by services like Temporary Mail.