The 20 Most Common Email Acronyms You Should Know

The 20 Most Common Email Acronyms You Should Know
Published in : 31 Jul 2022

The 20 Most Common Email Acronyms You Should Know

Every day, we utilise acronyms in emails. It's challenging to keep the capital letters and periods straight, from F.Y. to EOD to ASAP. The 20 most popular email acronyms and their definitions are listed here.

1. BTW - By the way

Usually sent after you overlook something in an earlier email.

2. IDK - I don't know

Informal acronym frequently used in body copy.

3. FWIW - For what it's worth

A modest approach to providing critique so as not to come across as a snob.

4. FYI - For your information

Used when including a footnote in an email.

5. TYT - Take your time

Used when you don't require input right away on anything.

6. ASAP - As soon as possible

When you want to reassure others that you will finish an action on time, this abbreviation can be helpful.

7. EOD - End of the day

It may be used to refer to the end of a 24-hour day for some people (i.e., midnight), while others may use it to indicate the closing time of a specific place of business.

8. EOM - End of message

This is frequently used in subject lines to prevent people from opening emails they don't need to.

9. NRN - No reply necessary

Use this acronym when sending an email if you don't need a response.

10. OOO

By adding 'OOO' to your auto-reply signature, you may let coworkers and others know when you are out of the office. This acronym will let them know whether they have an urgent inquiry and not to anticipate a prompt response from you.

11. Y/N - Yes or No

When you require a yes or no answer, use this acronym. It spares the recipient time and lessens the possibility of receiving more responses.

12. VSRE - Very short reply expected

used to let the receiver know that a brief response is anticipated.

13. TBF - To be forwarded

used to ask the recipient of an email to forwarded the email to another individual.

14. TSFW - Technically safe for work

This abbreviation means that an email is appropriate for viewing at work because its content is appropriate for the viewer.

15. RR - Reply requested

This acronym can be used to instruct the recipient to reply to this email.

16. IMO - In my opinion

If you want to express your views to someone without coming across as an arrogant jerk, pick this one.

17. HTH - Hope that helps

When sending something you believe will be helpful or in response to someone's enquiry, use this abbreviation.

18. OT - Off topic

If you need to introduce a new idea that is unrelated to the email's main subject, use the OT acronym.

19. LMK - Let me know

This is a nice approach to end a casual email by requesting feedback from the recipient.

20. TL;DR - Too long, Didn't read 

This abbreviation is frequently used in comments on social media. But you can also use it in casual emails.

Acronyms and email abbreviations make it easier to communicate clearly and concisely without having to spend a lot of time writing emails. Understanding the most popular email acronyms and abbreviations will help you communicate with others, including your boss, coworkers, and partners.