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Have you ever wanted to protect your real email address from spam, phishing, hacking, and attacking robots? You've come to the right place. Tmpry Mail is a one-stop shop for obtaining a free temporary email address to receive emails. Instead of using your real email address on unknown sites, you can always use this temporary disposable mail to receive emails and protect your privacy.


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1. What is Temporary or Disposable Mail?

A temporary email address is a special email account that is identical to one of your google or yahoo email addresses. It is also known as temp mail, disposable mail, fake mail, garbage mail, 10 minute mail, trash mail, throwaway mail, etc.

The only difference is that while creating the genuine mail id, those email addresses ask for all of your personal information. No personal information about you is needed to use Temp mail. You can quickly create your own free disposable temp mail using our site.

2. In 2022, How Do I Get Temporary Mail?

By using our website at, you can easily create your temporary email address. This is one of the greatest websites in 2022 to receive free temporary mail.

3. Is Temporary Mail Legal?

The creation of temporary email accounts on this website is completely legal. You are only using this temporary email to protect your primary inbox from the exposure of personal information.

4. How Many Fake Temporary Emails Can I Create?

As many temporary emails as you require can be created. There is no restriction on the creation of new throwaway mail.

5. Is It Possible for me to Receive Messages or Attachments in my Temp Mail Inbox?

Yes, messages and any attachments can be received in the temporary mail box you set up using "". You only need to tap on any received attachments to download the file.

6. What Is the Purpose of Temp Mail?

Messages are often delivered to your temporary mail inbox when you use temp mail. Typically, this is done to protect your real email ID from spam and shady websites. Use this temporary email on websites that you don't trust.

7. How Long Will My Mails Stay in the Temporary Inbox?

The mails are set to automatically delete by default. Only 5 days are allowed for received mail to remain in the temporary inbox.

After 5 days, all messages and their attachments will be automatically deleted. You can even manually remove certain messages or attachments if you want to.